Thursday, 14 December 2006

Letter to David Cameron MP, 28th November 2006

Dear Mr. Cameron,

Please thank Mr. Ian Pendlington for his letter of 20th November in reply to my letter to you of 19th October. He made an admirable attempt to answer some the concerns raised in my letter, such as my resentment at the continuation of the Barnett Formula. As the Sunday Telegraph’s ICM Poll revealed, 60% of those polled agree with me that the higher spending in Scotland is unjustified; just 28% agree with you that it is justified.

One of the issues that Mr. Pendlington didn’t reply to was that I argued we should have an English Parliament. Again, 68% of the people polled agree with me that there should be an English Parliament, whilst just 25% agree with you that there shouldn’t be. I am convinced that an English Parliament is both necessary and practical- that is why I wrote my politics dissertation on the issue.

You said English people’s ignorance of Scots and Scotland is damaging the Union. I said that what is damaging the Union is that the people of England are not being given the respect they deserve. The result is that the UK is close to breaking up.

There is a solution. Start treating the people of England- who constitute 85% of the UK- with some respect. Support the calls for an English Parliament, and put yourself on the same side as the people of England and Scotland against this Labour Government that has done its best to tear the Union apart.

I do hope you read this letter.

Yours sincerely,

CEP Oxfordshire member

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