Tuesday, 5 December 2006

Letter published in the Oxford Mail, 5 Dec 2006


Dear Sir,

Mr. Robin Spokes (Oxford Mail, November 29) is not alone in finding that the nationality of “English” has been deemed politically incorrect.

The 2001 Census allowed people to state they were either Scottish, Welsh or British. This is because, according the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, “there is no such nationality as English”.

This is simply outrageous, and people like Mr. Spokes are not going to put up with it. Indeed, last weekend’s ICM poll found that 68% of English people want an English Parliament. An English Parliament will speak up for England- not just to stop our money being given out to all and sundry, but also to stop this disrespectful treatment of the English people. Of course, the likes of Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Menzies Campbell oppose the idea, arguing that it may break up the United Kingdom. No-one knows for sure what the future holds, so instead of gazing into their crystal balls, our politicians should be listening to what the people of England are saying right now: “we want an English Parliament!”.

Tom Waterhouse
Oxfordshire Branch
Campaign for an English Parliament
Winterborne Road


wonkotsane said...

Nice one Tom. All four are, of course, Scottish to differing extents. Minge Campbell shouldn't really have a say at all as he's elected in Scotland and will be dead in a couple of years time anyway. Ditto Gordon Brown (minus the dead bit ... probably).

CEP Oxfordshire said...

BTW- I have written to Mr. Spokes to let him know who we are, and enclosed a leaflet. Hopefully a new member (fingers crossed!)