Friday, 29 June 2007

A Conservative call for an English Parliament

Janice Small from the Conservative Actions for Electoral Reform (CAER) calls for an English Parliament:

"Where we have devolution it is working for the Tories - it’s just the English that are being denied democracy and a say in their voting system. David Cameron needs to provide clear blue water between him and Gordon Brown. Just promising English Votes for English MPs isn’t enough. We need an English Parliament, a forum where the English can discuss their laws, their future. It will not cost the ridiculous sums of money that Edinburgh and Cardiff did as we have our own Parliament building and the existing civil servants can take care of the running."

Wonderful news.

Get onto Our Kingdom, read her article and give her comments your support.


CEP Oxfordshire said...

8 comments so far on OurKingdom on CAER's call for an English Parliament.

kevin said...

Will the Conservatives rise to the challenge? If they did of course they will be branded by Labour as 'Little Englanders' the very remark by Cameron that annoyed so many people in England recently. They should pay attention to the polls for an EP and this article by their own CAER. However labour or the BBC smear it the cause is JUST and I think there is more than enough support in England to carry the day for them on this issue. They don't need to make it a major plank of their electioneering, they should just include it, defend it coolly and rationally when it is attacked, and they will be rewarded in the ballot box. It should be remembered that it doesn't matter what our enemies think only what WE think.