Wednesday, 20 June 2007

CEP News Release, 20th June 2007


Wednesday 20th June 2007
For immediate release

Gordon Brown must drop his Claim
"How can Gordon Brown, who took this oath, become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom?"

When Gordon Brown was an ordinary Scottish MP he signed the declaration of the "Scottish Claim of Right". This document was a public oath committing those who took it to put the interests of the people of Scotland before all other considerations.

Now Gordon Brown is to become Prime Minister for the whole of the United Kingdom, the Campaign for an English Parliament is calling on Gordon Brown to publicly declare that he will not put the interests of any one part of the United Kingdom above any other part of the United Kingdom.

The Claim of Right, signed by Gordon Brown in 1988, read:

We, gathered as the Scottish Constitutional Convention, do hereby acknowledge the sovereign right of the Scottish people to determine the form of Government best suited to their needs, and do hereby declare and pledge that in all our actions and deliberations their interests shall be paramount.

CEP Chairman, Scilla Cullen, said, "There is another nation within the UK- that of England. Will Gordon Brown extend to its people the right of self-determination that he espoused for his own nation when he signed the Scottish Claim of Right?"

CEP Vice Chairman, Tom Waterhouse, said, "The Claim of Right was a public oath, and those who took it pledged to put the interests of the Scottish people before all others. How can Gordon Brown, who took this oath, become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom? He must declare that he will put the interests of the whole of the UK before those of Scotland".

National Council, Campaign for an English Parliament

Scilla Cullen (Chairman) 01438 833155
Mike Knowles (Media Unit) 01260 271139
Tom Waterhouse (Vice Chairman) 07900 633 811
David Wildgoose (Media Unit) 07970 258 794

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alan mynall said...

I had not previously heard of this oath. What a farce! Who do you get in touch with?! How can such a man be trusted at any level at all? I wonder what chance there is of this oath being made known on the national media.