Tuesday, 12 August 2008

The destruction of the Labour Party

Opinion polls over the last 6 months have made grim reading for our beloved Prime Minister, Gordon Brown. With the Tories having consistently above 40% and Labour dipping as low as 24%, Labour could be staring not just defeat in the face, but complete amnihilation.

Were the Conservatives to gain 44% of the vote, with the of 11.5% swing that it would entail, it would see Cameron as PM with a Parliamentary majority of 156. The Tories would have 403 seats and Labour suffering complete wipeout- going from having 347 to 171 (check out this rather nifty little toy).

Can you imagine the effect on the Labour Party of losing almost half of its MPs? It would be devastating- to the point that the Party would be out of power for a generation. And given its financial problems (resulting not only from having over-spent in during the 1997 and 2001 general elections, but its falling membership, loans that need repaying and trade unions feeling miffed), there is no doubt that even if the Party did hold on to 200 or so seats, it would struggle to fund campaigns in these after the Party was out of government.

If it sounds as if I'm revelling in this then you're damn well right that I am. Not because I'm a die-hard Tory (I'm not), not because I think that everything Labour has done is bad (I don't), but because Gordon Brown and the Labour Party tried to destroy England. They tried to destroy it culturally and constitutionally- being destroyed themselves is nothing less than they deserve.

Some of it was for political advantage. Labour thought that by giving Scotland and Wales national assemblies they could dominate these institutions and never be out of power there. That they would harvest England's resources to pay for generous hand-outs to bribe voters there was no problem for them. They also tried to carve up England itself into 9 "Regions", whilst abolishing our historic Counties. Of course there has also been the mass, uncontrolled immigration that affected only England (new arrivals have not settled in Scotland or Wales and it's only recently that they have been encouraged to go to Scotland, where their struggling economy needs the skilled workers). I'm not opposed to immigration, but I do feel that having such high numbers in such a short time has undermined community cohesion and drastically altered the English way of life. At the same time, having large numbers of ethnic minorities was also a great vehicle for pushing "political correctness" further into public life and public institutions. The fact that there are now jobs advertised that English people are not allowed to apply for shows just how far we have come.

But we're moving off the point. Brown and his Labour pals tried to destroy England- the fact that their meddling will see the Labour Party destroyed for a generation is called JUSTICE.
And yet it may be longer than a generation. Part of the Tory revival has been thanks to them being able to present themselves as the Party for people that are disenchanted with the government. They didn't do this in 2001 or 2005. Once the Conservatives are in power, the Liberal Democrats will have a once-in-a-century opportunity to position themselves are the alternative, as the real opposition. Given how far up the creek Labour could be (and going even further), they just might do it.

Personally, I think a return to a Conservative-Liberal politics will do this country the world of good. Not to mention that, of all the three main parties, it is Liberal Democrat members that most strongly support the creation of an English Parliament.


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