Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Well done, Mr. Johnson!

Boris Johnson has highlighted in a Parliamentary debate the unfairness of how life-saving cancer drugs like Herceptin are available free on the NHS in Scotland, but in England they are denied on the grounds of cost.

And, of course, the Herceptin made available in Scotland is paid for with English taxpayers' money.

Want to add your support to what Boris said? You can do so here.


Update 15 Feb: I'm pleased to see that plenty of people logged on and added their support to what Boris said. In fact, Health Minister Ivan Lewis got a bit of a bashing


Anonymous said...

Good old Boris. I think he would stand up for an English Parliament too if he wasn't so bound by the party line.

Chris Abbott said...

And today Mr Blair is reported as saying: "The UK - and the world - owes a huge amount to Scottish genius, vision and hard work..." He then continues - pointing out how rich a country Scotland is as part of the UK.

The rest of us are just a rabble - who deserve to be treated as inferiors, apparently. I find Blair and Brown's attitude frightening - remember Brown is very quick to call English achievements "British".

Boris is excellent. He should go further and shout for an English parliament. We are being occupied by racist, elitist Scots.